Story Behind The Music

I am first and foremost an Artist.  I won my first Art contest in First grade and over the years it emerged to be my defining gift.  My graduating class elected me as "Most Artistic". I went on to get a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in college with an emphasis on studio art. My passion has always been pencil people portraits. I am a realist and someone who "sees" things.  My first two years in college, I was a non-musician and religiously-speaking, I was an atheist/agnostic. What that meant to me was that "God doesn't exist!  But IF he does, he will have to prove himself to me."

While in college I explored the lifestyle of partying and drinking.  Although these entered my life in only my Senior year of High school, they had become obsessive and problematic. I felt my life going down a wrong road and did not know how to alter it. I was scared and starting to become unhinged. Long story short, I came home after a college break and encountered a close friend who had significantly changed since I saw him last. We spoke for hours about this change and after much exchange, I was convinced that whatever he had I needed.

In an effort to keep this brief for you, I will simply say that I said my first real prayer that very night and within 10 minutes of my waking the next morning, God had answered my prayer and taken a tremendous burden out of my life. I was very impressed and definitely convinced that there must be something to this "prayer thing". A few weeks passed and I noticed that not only had I not had any alcohol but I had not desired to have any either.  I started questioning myself as to why I drank it at all.  I had NOT prayed for this issue at all. Yet since the day of that first prayer May 24, 1984, I have not had a single drink of alcohol!

That started my faith journey and five months later I found myself at a 3-day religious retreat which finally challenged me enough to look and to go deep into my struggles with God. Actually, I had grown OK with God (or a higher power) as I learned to call him in AA, Alanon, ACOA over those five months.  It was Jesus who I had specifically targeted with my cynicism and mocking. Through various eastern influenced readings that I had encountered, I had even started to come to grips with a source of truth and eternity inside of me. (I later recognized that source as God's Spirit).  On that weekend I begged God to let me proceed with Him without having to deal with Jesus.  However, it was really a deal breaker and I finally begged Jesus to forgive me for treating Him so disrespectfully over the years.  I was flooded with a knowing that I was thoroughly loved and forgiven. By the end of that weekend, I was radically changed for God-never to look back. 

It was barely one month later that the songs started to come to me. I address this in detail in The Story Behind The Name. Let me just say that when this name (RedGoneWhite) came to me, that I was amazed at its significance for me personally and its efficiency of meaning.  To me, it basically is referring to a life that has been changed radically from sin, struggle, and insignificance TO salvation, victory, and significance. All of my songs and my adult life tell the story of these changes for me and challenge others to experience them for themselves.

I am a life radically changed and blessed because of my relationship with the very same God I spent a decade mocking and resisting. My music celebrates a life of change and overcoming and victory.  Red GONE White.

David Anderson Songs


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