Official affiliation with Straight Street Outreach

RedGoneWhite shares a message in its music of hope, challenge, and overcoming.  Our heart is to encourage people to be the best themselves that they can be.  Your "past" is in the past.  Your "present" is a gift from God to be opened, accepted and enjoyed.  And your "future" is yours for the writing.  It doesn't have to be determined by what you already have experienced.  You can start to "Live a better story" right now!  The pen of your life is in your hands.  

This is all said to let you know that we feel a kindred relationship to the ministry "Straight Street Outreach".  This was originated in Rochester, NH and is an outreach to homeless, addicted and suicidal people who are losing the battle to heroine and other abusive drugs.  The mission is to "Show love. Shine Hope. Share Resources."

David Anderson of RedGoneWhite and Eric Hopkins of Straight Street Outreach have chosen to join forces in this daunting task.    

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