Joseph Orphanage

Let me take a moment to introduce you to a very good friend of mine.

Danish Joseph Victor is an extraordinary young man of God.  He and his sisters have founded and run an orphanage in Toba tek singh, Pakistan. He is from a family of seven children and understands the value and the struggles of a large family.  God has given him a great vision and a beautiful capacity to love and to care for children of all ages. 


Danish and I became friends via Facebook in June of 2017. He has become a very valued friend and inspiration to me.  He has challenged me to look beyond my own comfortable world and to consider the needs of these abandoned, discouraged but very fortunate children.  Of course, they are very fortunate because Danish and his family have found them and chose to include each one into there own home and family.


Only four years ago Danish and his sisters started taking in children who were homeless and had no parents.  Some were literally just left on the road and had to find ways to survive. Today they serve 27 children ranging from pre-school age to teenagers. They have no special building, so they literally have taken these kids into their own home.  They live in Pakistan so the culture and economic climate do not offer resources for the poor or needy. Danish is only 24 years old, but is tremendously faithful to God.  In return, God has been very generous and faithful toward Danish and the kids.


But, as any good parent with many mouths to feed, he is often anxious as to how he will feed, clothe and shelter them.  He teaches them life skills and Scripture at his home regularly.  They pray for me and my family daily. I must say that from the moment I committed to supporting Danish and the children that I have entered a season in my life of exceptional favor, growth and provision.  I have personally given to them often and very generously. BUT (you can't out-give The Giver) so, during that same period of time God has poured tremendous personal and financial peace and prosperity into my life.  I anxiously look forward to each next time that I am even able to give to them.  For one, Danish IMMEDIATELY pours the money into whatever urgent need has been expressed. Secondly, he always graciously follows that up with photographs and over the top demonstrations of gratitude.  And thirdly, it sets the stage for the NEXT great blessing that God wants to pour into MY life.

Danish also has taken it upon himself to regularly travel to surrounding cities in an effort to bring the Gospel of Jesus to this very UNChristianized part of the world.  So he is often appealing for help with Bibles and what he calls "Radio Bibles".  These need to be translated into Urdu (the language of Pakistan). The growing kids need shoes and clothes and lots of food.  The growing family and ministry needs more space and resources.  They are praying for a larger building and a more suitable space in which to raise and to release these kids.

There is no church locally to them so they pray and worship and study regularly right there in their humble home.  Any churches that are in the area are few and far between and too far away for the children to attend. 

He has a very generous spirit and gives whenever he recognizes a great need and is able to meet it. (For example, when he and his sister gave over a month's supply of food to a neighboring elderly widow.)

He and his sisters have provided a thriving environment that is producing beautiful, happy, healthy, educated, loved children who know God intimately because of their daily prayers, weekly studies and corporate worship and Spirit-filled new-found "parents".

I couldn't be more pleased and proud to endorse and affiliate my self with such fine people and such a God-blessed endeavor.

If you choose to support them, (and I strongly suggest that you do), either reach out to Danish directly on his Facebook page or reach out to me for more info via this site or on my personal Facebook page

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