David Anderson

David Anderson

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter


    David Anderson began his songwriting career in 1984. Since then, he has written nearly 400 songs.  In 1999, (thanks to the support and recording assistance of friend, Dwayne Gosselin) he was chosen by the NHCMA as the 'Gospel Songwriter of the Year".  They also awarded him as the writer of the 1999 NHCMA 'Gospel Song of the Year'

    Later, He also wrote, created and performed on a country CD in 2000 called "All We Could A-Ford" with Dana Tucher and the Indian River Boys. This project was produced by Andy Happel, formerly of the popular band,"Thanks To Gravity".  This took place at Dizzyland Recording in Rochester, NH (owned by 80's Rocker Hank Decken).

    After having access to a book of 50 of his earlier songs, a talented young musician named Justin Havu, took it upon himself to create his own compositions around David's lyrics. (Again this was thanks to Dwayne G, Justin's uncle).This culminated in 10+ songs that were re-crafted by Justin. Around 2004 Justin joined and co-founded the band "BeyondBlue", and through that affiliation some of David’s songs were introduced to their live and recorded line ups. Their first CD was named 'The Wanderer" after his song "Wanderer" which is featured on the CD. (Justin's musical composition of course.) Other songs that he wrote that made it onto that CD were "Give it All Up' and 'Lean on You'.

    Since then about 15 other songs were recorded between producers Paul Lavoie, Bill Gaudet and Kenny Samuelson. Paul also featured an interview with David and live music on two of his radio broadcasts for "Sounds For Life" on Radio station WKTJ 99.3. 

    In 2010 as well as in 2015 the NHCMA again awarded him as the "Gospel Songwriter of the Year". 

    "Musically lately I have focused on getting back to prolific songwriting, playing guitar and singing on RedGoneWhite. We feature original songs of hope and honesty which point to a more meaningful life in and beyond this world. It's all good."

David Anderson Songs


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