David Anderson

David Anderson

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter



David Anderson began his songwriting career in 1984. After his decision to follow God, songs began to come to him.  After the third song, he sat on his bedside and made a covenant with this God.  He agreed and determined that if God will continue to give him songs that he will continue to give them to God. That put an amazing new direction in motion in David’s life. Since then, he has written nearly 400 songs. 

Over the years, he has had some moments of encouragement and validation such as:

In 1999, he was chosen by the NHCMA as the 'Gospel Songwriter of the Year".  They also awarded him as the writer of the 1999 NHCMA 'Gospel Song of the Year'

 In 2010 as well as in 2015, the NHCMA again awarded him as the "Gospel Songwriter of the Year". 

In 2000, he wrote and performed on a 5 song CD called “All We Could A-Ford”.

Three of his songs (including the title track) were on a CD in 2004 by the band BeyondBlue.

But most recently, he had the great pleasure and honor of being in a band called RedGoneWhite.  This was a 2 year experiment that brought him back into the studio and helped to set the stage for many other doors that will soon be opening. As a result of this time together, they committed to making a 10 song CD of original songs by David. This project is still underway (although the band has run its course).  The CD (in honor of the band) is to be called RedGoneWhite.

    "Musically lately I have focused on getting back to songwriting, playing guitar and singing on ‘RedGoneWhite’ and at local, family-friendly venues. We feature original songs of hope and honesty, which point to a more meaningful life in and beyond this world. It's all good."



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